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Poll: The Gov_General should sack Parliament

Since the Government and all the politicians will not Listen to WE the PEOPLE VOTERS for all the Concerns and Issues of the population as the Constitution allows them once elected to become UN-Answerable and UN-Accountable to the electorate during a term of Parliament . advance Australia Party has requested Parliament pass Legislation to insert CIR(Citizens Initiate Referenda) into law so We voters can Have our Say by means of a ONLINE Referendum Voting website WWW.OZREFERENDA.com.au and the result of the vote must be 51% of the voters who vote , which then is binding on the Government to enact. more...

Question 1: DO you Agree that Cir(Citizens Initiate Referenda) must be incorporated into law by Legislation and the result by ONLINE Referendum voting on website WWW.OZREFERENDA.com.au will be binding on the Parliament to enact.


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Poll 2 : insert CIR into the Federal & States Constitutions
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